My name is Kilian Brand, I am a touring live sound engineer and music producer based in Würzburg and Berlin.

Born in the late 1980s in the south of Germany, I spent the better part of my childhood abroad in Australia listening to 2dayFM and my parents' record collection. When my family moved back to Germany, I was introduced to hip-hop and punkrock just in time for puberty. Subsequently, choosing a guitar over a skateboard as a gift for my twelfth birthday was probably one of the most important decisions of my life. 

My teenage years were all about music, especially anything involving electric guitars - preferably my own cheap Squier strat. This was also around the time I discovered my passion for recording and mixing music, first making demos for my own bands and later recording my friends.

After mixing a few live shows for my friends' bands in the late 2000s and having just finished school, I moved to Würzburg and started working at local clubs (mainly here) running live sound.

My focus shifted from my own musical projects to working on other peoples' music even more when I began an internship at a local studio.

After a few years of working with local sound companies, promoters, venues, and artists in and around Würzburg, a friend of mine asked me if I was interested in coming to Berlin to do session with his new band (Die Höchste Eisenbahn). I ended up recording most of their debut album (Schau in den Lauf Hase) and have been working with the band closely ever since.

I began spending more and more time on tour with various German indie/pop artists playing anything from tiny clubs to huge open air festivals while my job description varied from simply „sound guy“ to FOH and/or monitor engineer, tour & production manager, driver and psychiatrist all in one.

While most of this work came from Berlin, after a while I realized that leaving Würzburg for good was not an option - after all, life isn’t just about work.

Fast forward to  February 2020 - I'm still a happy touring human, who spends upwards of 200 days a year on the road with a wide range of artists and most of his free time in search of good coffee and delicious vegan food.




Since touring wasn't really a thing after February, I spent some time back in the studio, converted my office into a mixing room and had lots of fun working on various socially distanced projects throughout 2020.

Despite all difficulties, I was very fortunate to mix over forty (40!) live shows from July to Oktober 2020 and even still squeeze in some studio time.

After a long winter break, live music is slowly coming back and my schedule is filling up fast, so if you need anything be sure to drop me a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.