While touring has largely kept me out of the studio in recent years, I am more than happy to have been part of the following projects*.

Please click on the titles to listen.

2021: selfserviceonly - Laura (Mix / Prod. )

2020: Lilly Among Clouds  - The Greatest Gift (Prod. / Rec. / Mix / Bass)

2020: Hannes Wittmer - Das Ende der Geschichte (Prod. / Rec. / Mix / Bass)

2018: Hannes Wittmer - Das Große Spektakel (Prod. / Rec. / Mix)

2017: Otago - OTAGO (Prod. / Rec. / Mix)

2016: Die Höchste Eisenbahn - Wer bringt mich jetzt zu den Anderen (Rec.)

2015: Hope - RAW (Rec. / Mix)

2014: Spaceman Spiff - Endlich Nichts (Preprod.)

2014: Die Höchste Eisenbahn - Raus auf's Land (Live) (Rec.)

2013: Die Höchste Eisenbahn - Schau in den Lauf Hase (Rec.)



Someone also went to the trouble of listing additional work here.


*If you would like to see a full list, please drop me a line.