Over the past ten years, I have found myself working in various styles of music and all kinds of production environments - from putting together artsy underground performances in makeshift venues to touring with some of Germany's most successful contemporary hiphop artists mixing monitors in the country's largest concert halls.

Here is a list of some of my favourite artists to work with (in alphabetical order)*:


Alice Merton since 2021 

And The Golden Choir  since 2015

Die Höchste Eisenbahn  since 2013

Hannes Wittmer / Spaceman Spiff  since 2011

Hundreds  since 2019

KUMMER  since 2021

Lilly Among Clouds since 2020

Moritz Krämer  since 2018

Namika  2018 - 2019

Philipp Dittberner  2015 - 2020

Schmyt 2022



 *If you would like  to see a more comprehensive list,  try this.

Pic by Markus Ixmaier