Of course we all know: It's the ear, not the gear!

Nonetheless, here is some of the stuff I like, trust, and can happily provide for recording sessions and/or touring.

(Listed in alphabetical order, as usual.)


I was recently very impressed by products from sE Electronics and have since been using these mics exclusively on the road with Alice Merton:

V Kick (kick out)

V7X  (snare 1)

V Beat (snare 2 & toms)

sE8 (hats and OHs)

V7 (lead and backing vocals)


Anyway, here's the list:


AUDIX D2/D4/D6 &  I5

Audio-Technica ATM230

Beyerdynamic M88TG & M201TG

Blues Hummingbird (x4)

Electrovoice RE320 & PL6

Haun/MBHO MBNM 440 (pair of super nice SDCs)

Heil PR20

Sennheiser e606 / e614 (x2) / MD421 (x3) / MD 441 (x2)

Shure b52a / b57a (x2) /  KSM8 / sm58 (x5) / b91 / b91a

Superlux S502 (ORTF)

Telefunken MD21 (omni) & MD421

T.Bone RB500 (x3)

Oktava MK012 + omni caps (x2)


+ various Radial DIs




Allen & Heath SQ5 +  GX4816 - 64 inputs (w/mic pres) @ 96/48k with up to 13 stereo monitor mixes

Digigrid IOS XL  - 8 mic pres / 8 line outs / 2 HP outs @ 96k + a  massive Waves Soundgrid server.


Allen & Heath SQ5 - 32 channels of I/O @ 96/48k via USB

Behringer X32 - budget friendly solution for 32 channels of I/O @ 48/44.1k and is also super compact (a 4U rack) in this config:

Behringer X32 core + Midas DL32 



I tend to use Reaper for live recording and Logic Pro X for studio work, but can also work in ProTools or Cubase, if you prefer.



KS Digital C55 (studio)

Vision Ears VE6 (IEM)

Audio-Technica ATH-M50 X

and various other headphones  (AKG 171, Sennheiser HD25, Sony MDR7506,...)



More plugins (Waves, Sonnox, UAD, Soundtoys, Fabfilter, PSP, Eventide, ...) than I could ever need, and also some "real" outboard gear.

For live and broadcast, I use Waves Superrack Soundgrid on almost every show. 



I also have a few old guitars (Danelectro, Fender, Hagström, Ibanez, Squier...), a beautiful Mustang bass, some tube amps (Genz Benz ElDiablo, Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, Marshall JCM800), and a selection of stomp boxes around.

And if you really want to get into it, I trust these guys to provide anything you may need for any session (or tour!).


Pic by  Marco Sensche