pandemic projects

2020 was going to be one of the busiest and also most exciting years of my career so far. When Covid hit in March, I was more or less completely booked till early '21 and was looking forward to multiple tours with new clients like the electronic pop heroes Hundreds, and German-indie-all-star-band Husten (with Gisbert zu Knyphausen & Moses Schneider), the odd popstar and, most likely, some rapper.

I had also been counting on hitting the road again with old friends like Philipp Dittberner and, of course a crazy festival season. 

As we all know, none of those things happened.
However, a couple of things did:


First, I coproduced and mixed a socially distanced & remotely recorded EP with my dear friend Hannes Wittmer called "Das Ende der Geschichte", which can be streamed and downloaded here and features the absolutely stunning Jonny König on drums and anything percussive. The artwork you can see on the right is by my dear friend Denise Henning.


Then, Photographer & Videographer Benny Brückner asked me to join him on a very interesting project with musician Nils Hübenbecker, which resulted in  a virtual "tour" of local music & arts venues titled "Liebe für's Wohnzimmer".  We decided to not only record the performances live without edits, but also mix them right then and there in real time with minimal post production later on in the studio. While this proved quite challenging, it was also lots of fun!